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Full view of the instrumentation installed in the room and related to the X-ray system. The X-ray tube is contained within a special irradiation cabinet with lead glass windows, and it is cooled via a water-air exchanger that pumps water in a closed cooling circuit. Inside the cabinet, the tube is positioned above a PA200 wafer prober, whose movement is controlled from outside the cabinet. The chuck of the prober, an 8-inches model, is a thermal chuck from DigitConcept: while heating is ensured by an electric source, cooling is via a fluid pre-cooled by a chiller at about -70C.


View inside the irradiation cabinet. The X-ray tube is mounted on a metal frame that can move on the vertical direction (manually). Suspended to that frame, the X-ray tube and the CCD camera (used for wafer probing) can move along X and Y via precise motors controlled by a PC.

Detailed view of the thermal 8-inches chuck. In order to enable reaching a temperature below 0C, air in the cabinet must have an appropriately low dew point. Air coming from a compressed air network is filtered and dried by a Parker Balston UDA-300 air drier and brought to the cabined via dedicated hoses. The cabinet is kept in over-pressure with respect to the ambient.

Detailed view of the switching matrix and semiconductor analyzer used for transistors' characterization. Below this equipment, the monitor for the CCD camera and the manual controller for the prober are positioned.

Detailed view of the chiller that cools the fluid used by the temperature controller for the thermal chuck (the fluid is kept at about -70C) and of the dry air generator connected to the compressed air network.

Detailed image of the wafer prober with the X-ray tube. The small gray box with a joystick at the bottom right is the manual controller for the X and Y movement of the tube.




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Last modified: 13 July 2005